Sword Gaming is currently being run and maintained by a sole individual.

Hey guys and gals, I will never ask you guys to help me out financially to run this community because I am passionate about it. The best way you can help out is to spread the word about Sword Gaming and invite your friends to the community!

However, running all of this is not free for me. I need to pay for the domain, the website hosting, the Discord Bot hosting, the logo (even though this last one was a one time purchase), and the prize pools for tournaments with free entry. Furthermore, it also costs me a lot of free time (which I happily spend on this community) between coding the website and the discord bots, as well as managing the community, the tournaments, etc.

If you really wanted to support me also financially, any donation is extremely appreciated and it will help me to be more motivated than ever to continue working on this, but do not feel compelled to donate! By supporting me you will also be indirectly funding the prize pools for tournamnets with free entry.

- Eibe

Donors will receive a Supporter role on Discord to demonstrate their support! As an additional perk, the supporter role enables you to create temporary voice channels to use with the rest of the community.

If you would like to donate use the button below. The transaction is processed via Stripe.


Contact a staff member if you donate to receive the role.