The following rules apply to the Discord server, the website, and in interactions with other players when representing Sword Gaming.

We have a very simple approach when it comes to rules, it boils down to don’t be rude and inconsiderate. This allows us to promote an inclusive community environment where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of their cultural background, passions, games they play, etc. The following are guidelines and not an exhaustive list.

No Toxicity

  • Targeting, insulting, or harassing individuals or minority groups
  • Discussions related to (but not limited to): pedophilia, hebephilia, loli, shota, porn, drugs usage
    • There is no NSFW channel in Sword Gaming
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct within and across games (e.g. continuous calling out of people’s mistakes for the sake of flaming)
  • Malicious Discord nicknames (e.g. harassment, impersonation, hoisting)
  • Immature behaviour with the intent to ridicule others

No Spam

  • Repeatedly sending the same message (or multiple meaningless messages in fast succession)
  • Repeatedly pinging users or roles
  • No advertisements
    • YouTube and Twitch ads are fine in the #self-promotion channel


There are four levels of punishments, and they usually increase for each infraction. If an infraction is severe enough a perma-ban may be awarded (congratulations! – not) immediately.

  • Informal warning and/or mute
  • 3-day ban
  • 7-day ban
  • Perma-ban