Discord Bot Commands

All bots use - as a prefix.

Sword Gaming Logo Looking For Group

The LFG tool has 3 subcommands: add, who, remove.

-lfg add <game> <description>
Adds you to the LFG list of a certain game. You can also attach an optional message/description to your LFG entry.

-lfg who
Displays a list of players that are currently looking to play


-lfg remove
Removes all of your LFG entries.


For a list of the game abbreviations for these commands visit https://sword.gg/games

Sword Gaming Logo Profile

Using this command will display your Sword Gaming profile. You can also view the profile of other members by mentioning them in the command (do not ping them too often!).



-profile @user

You need to link your website and Discord accounts to create a profile. You can also customise it with the games you play. See the two commands below for more information.
Each player that has connected their Discord and website account successfully will have a copy of their ELO points on their web profile too.

N.B.: If it takes a while to fetch your profile it’s because the bot is trying to fetch your website profile picture, and if you do not have one set it takes a while before it falls back to the default one.

Sword Gaming Logo Link

This command allows you to link your Discord and website accounts.
Visit https://sword.gg/user (it will redirect you to your profile page) and copy the full URL of your profile page.
Then paste it in the command:

-link <URL>


Sword Gaming Logo Attach Game Accounts

You can attach your accounts to populate your Sword Gaming profile and to allow others to easily find and add you as a friend on the games you play.

-battlenet BattleTag#1234

This will attach BattleTag#1234 as your Battlenet account.


Replace battlenet with steam, lol, epic, uplay, rl, origin to set the other account names. lol stands for League of Legends, epic for Epic Games, and rl for Rocket League ID.

Sword Gaming Logo Queue for a Ranked Match

You can queue for a ranked match by using:

-q <game>

Not specifying a game will return a list of available games.
You can view a list here too https://sword.gg/games. You can leave a queue by typing:



You can report a win or loss of your series by using:
-report <match_id> <win/loss>

At least 2 players need to -report.
(The picture above was an example: Apex Legends matchmaking requires 6 people, not 2)

Sword Gaming Logo Ranked Ladders

You can view the ranked ladders of a game by typing:

-ladder <game>


Not specifying a game will return a list of available games. You can click on the names of the users to view their website profile, which displays their MMR across all games. Only users with a linked Discord and website profile will appear on the ladder (must have an MMR different than the starting 1500).