Game Leaders

Game leaders act as managers of their game’s community within Sword Gaming. They are the first point of contact for anything that regards tournaments and events of the game they represent.

Requirements and what you will be doing:

  • Be involved and very active within your game community
  • Manage the Discord subsection of your game
  • Organise weekly or fortnightly events within Sword Gaming
  • Collect feedback and report it to the rest of the staff


As a writer you will be writing articles on the website about news related to Sword Gaming and the games the community officially supports.

Requirements and what you will be doing:

  • Proficient in English and excellent grammar
  • Write one article or more a week outlining the community progress and major tournaments or content releases in the supported games
  • Previous experience with CMS is a bonus but not a requirement


As a developer you will assist Eibe in the coding of the Discord bots and the website.

Requirements and what you will be doing:

  • Python knowledge, especially if familiar with library (bots)
    • Necessary to use Github
  • PHP knowledge (website) (Javascript as a bonus)
  • Flexible: just contribute to the code whenever you have time
  • Keep contact with the other programmers to coordinate work